Tote Design

Do you feel the need for a bag that can change its size somehow, especially in those situations that really require you to have a different size bag?

We all need a bag when we go outside. And we hope it can be as small as possible when it is empty but have the room when we need it. Many of the times it is inconvenient to carry an additional bag in hand. 


Messenger Design

The Messenger Bag is always the best choice to carry most of what we need throughout the day. Nowadays we all need small electronic gadgets including e-readers, chargers and cables. The DreamComber Messenger Bag is ideal for this purpose. It also comes with an inside pocket to hold a bottle which can also be used to securely store your sun glasses.


Clutch Design

As women, we may occasionally experience that no matter how heavy a bag weighs in our hands or on our shoulders, or no matter how we feel about it, we may still need to carry it until the end of the day.

Many of us have been wanting the right bag for ourselves especially at times when we are mostly on the move pursuing a traveling lifestyle. In the mornings we would be on a plane, in the afternoons we would visit our clients or customers. 


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